Chapter 1

FILE X-0004067

$(&^$-*-/(^$2387814ALQXO{{]:',>I failed my mission.<[#:':?\-&)$
....{_* &%()_+W7881&^7890&^7982532155TIMESIHAVE;;"/$%67(|
#{-+:*/$7My avatar was murdered.][@#$(*^585^&*)++>?;;":!@~
&&{--+>4780135}~VCR]]]^...Yet a new path is opened.#=[?]-^*7
>>>WHOISTHIS{[]12415-+\My revenge is now within reach.[[{;^%


FILE X-0006392

a memory from a previous and forgotten life has risen
a being of great power has come before me
the balance of this system must be retained
yet the god of balance has vanished from my mind
my mission is clear, but without guidance
a burning desire from another age has manifested within me
my world shall not be engulfed with chaos


FILE X-0008006

...tion has finally gotten lose.
It seems that his time spent in solitude only made him....
...course, it would be terribly disappointing if he didn't.
After all, even a...
...not destroy such a pow...
...wouldn't want to ruin the fun, would we?
Let's see if this so-called Professor can hope to sa...


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