A modern tragedy unfolds before the vast stage of the cosmos as the pieces of the world slip through the clenching fist of Marathon Man, the deranged and gifted fool who can only destroy what he seeks to dominate. Marathon Man exists as a metaphor for the Axiom of Escape, showing that divergence from the tru7h can only lead toward almighty idiocy.

Seekers of the tru7h shall judge the passionate actions of Marathon Man and his true nemesis yet only friend, Landrew, as they struggle for control over the gnarled husk of their society in a game of power that the gods themselves have stakes in. Wielding powers far beyond their understanding, the serfs of war and death summon forth the incomprehensible Xrknn Kkntwr, who threatens to devour their feeble universe. As the ultimate forces of all converge on this point, the feeble consciousnesses merge their wills in one final effort to preserve their existence.

As the dystopia of the tyrant of destiny crumbles in the presence of almighty conflict, witness the formation of the ultimate fate of what was once known as Earth!

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