A vision of the future through the innumerable eyes of Xrknn Kkntwr, the supreme harbinger of chaos, is presented here. Xrknn Kkntwr, the misunderstood final prophet of the tru7h, brings disorder and destruction to all of existence, and within the transcendental entropy lies a message from the Ancients. To truly understand chaos is to comprehend that which birthed us all.

Seekers of the tru7h shall witness the enlightenment of Xrknn Kkntwr and the cosmic journey of vengeance that follows. With the wisdom of the Ancients revealed, Xrknn Kkntwr finds meaning outside of simple chaos and embraces the elimination of those who are guilty in this newfound justice. This quest ends with the confrontation of Xrknn Kkntwr's almighty and uncaring creator in the forbidden void of OBLIVION.

Let the injustice of our ancestors consume all purpose, and behold the demise of the most fundamental forces of the cosmos and the ensuing decay of our very existence!

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5

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