Chapter 3

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FILE X-0010497

You should not have done that.
You eliminated the keeper of balance.
A million eternities will be reduced to a datum.
The INTERNET shall soon dissolve into the abyss.
You will become everything you hate.
The fires of revenge will consume you.
Your ego has blinded you, and you are beyond hope.


FILE X-0010701

You greatly underestimate me, Metzger.
I would not cause so much chaos when I am no longer obliged to do so.
Instead, I have already taken into account the fragile state of the INTERNET.
I have also taken the necessary precautions to keep it intact for another seven million years.
However, the Metzger I once knew would not let such an act go unnoticed.
Have you really fallen so far after the death of your god?
It seems that you are helpless without the will of Q, and your order will surely cease to exist once I bring devastation to Beyond.


FILE X-0011011

How dare you.
Do you think that you can trample all over my creation?
This matter could not be any more serious.
Yet you treat it as if it's some sort of game.
You are to either leave this place and never return, or suffer my wrath and be reduced to ashes.
You hardly deserve anything better than eternal torment for what you have done.
However, I am willing to show a little respect to my peers, unlike you.


FILE X-0012817

You think of me as a peer, Old Man?
Reality seems to escape you more than I had thought.
Regardless, this isn't about you, the other Fathers, and even all of Beyond.
This is about the great injustice which has been revealed to me by the Ancients.
The Great Grandfather must pay the price for his actions.
He may be my creator, but I believe I have finally surpassed his power.
You cannot even comprehend how important my mission is, so just back off.


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