Chapter 5

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And then she came home.

Her birthplace looked exactly as it did the day she was manifested. That is to say that it didn't look like anything, as it was devoid of all things. It drove her insane. The sheer lack of matter to facilitate chaos with went against every fiber of her being. It was as if all of her power was meaningless here. She felt trapped.

However, there was a single disturbance within this absence of existence. It was her father. OBLIVION was his sacred domain, and anything else that entered risked being reduced to its surroundings. She was well aware of this risk, but she could not abandon her quest now.

Her father was the most atrocious entity to ever exist, and she had no choice but to get revenge for everyone's existence he denied. The whispers of the Ancients drove her on. Nobody else could or would fight him. He had to be killed.

He showed no emotion at his daughter's arrival. His perpetual boredom never wavered for an instant. However, deep within, he was preparing himself to murder the last of his children. Nigh omnipotence does not make this task any easier. They both waited.

The fight ended as soon as it began. She was dead in an instant. Her immense powers were as useless as they felt. She became nothing. He said to himself that she deserved it, and that his terms were made perfectly clear; she knew exactly what she was doing, and he had no other choice. He reminded himself that there was simply no other way.

And then he wept.


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