Chapter 5

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the balance between the sun and the moon rages on
the keeper of ancient balance fell beyond the end
the forces will not go into chaos so easily
you think your escape has made you god
you have not truly escaped yet
even if the sun overcomes the moon
the lycanthrope will find another way


Give me an N! > "N"
Give me an O! > "O"
Give me a V! > "V"
Give me an A! > "A"

What does it spell? > "Nova?"
No. > "NOVA?"
NO >
T-R-O-U-B-L-E >


MELTDOWN CLOCK > 15.193792102158E+9


It looks like NOVA has gone rampant.
Sorry about that, T.
Oh, well. You couldn't have done anything about it.
It's not like you knew it could even happen in the first place.
Well, at least you tried your hardest, right?
You couldn't have tried any harder if you had tried, so to speak.
We can't do anything now, so let's just hope for the best.

I'm glad at least we could continue our relationship on friendlier terms.


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ndex, polyg't believe everython_index));nS_TRANSPARENT(line)) {polygon=get_polygon_data(*polygon_index);
case _clockwise_bias

I looked at him with tears in my eyes. His words released all of the dormant anger within me. I had been in control for so long, but everything changed in an instant. I had lost myself, and I began to shout.

"My life would be perfect if you would just die!"

He staggered for a moment, but he started to sarcastically urge me on. He wanted me to tell him to go die, if that's what I wanted. I didn't really, but I wasn't thinking. My rage had already consumed me, so I did exactly what he told me to do in his outrageously sarcastic tone. I told him to die, and he collapsed on the spot from a heart attack. It seemed like a coincidence at first, I thought it had to be, but I had never told anybody to die before. I had to try it again, and when she came in the room and started raving about how I had killed him and subsequently started to threaten me as well, she seemed like the ideal target. I also told her to die, and moments later her ranting had silenced as she laid motionless on the carpet.

I had killed them both, two of the three people in my life who had ever loved me, and I was now alone. This was the biggest mistake of my life, and it drove me into depression and insanity. I have no regrets now, though, for this is how I discovered my power. Once I came to terms with myself, I knew what I could do with my power. I could create a utopia out of our terribly hopeless society, and after more work than even you could comprehend, I did.

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