Chapter 1


Chaos runs rampant throughout our society. Chaos destroys our cities. Chaos murders our people. Chaos threatens us as a species. Chaos is pure evil. Chaos is exemplified in one being, Xrknn Kkntwr.

We have dedicated our lives to fighting chaos. We are the Three Guardians. Our people have given us titles. Our leader is called The Governor. Our comrade is called The Scholar. I am called the Chronicler. We were gifted with almost godlike powers. Our people rely on us to keep them safe from Xrknn Kkntwr.

However, Xrknn Kkntwr is growing too powerful for us to battle. We can will things into existence. We can command nature to do our bidding. We can break the constraints of reality. Yet, we cannot defeat Xrknn Kkntwr.


Pain is all we have ever learned. We fight as hard as we can, but we can save no one. We've heard the screams of children silenced. We've seen the elderly crushed by the pawns of Xrknn Kkntwr. We've felt the earth shake as entire cities fell. Soon, all will be lost.

I am The Scholar. Along with the other Three Guardians, I am justice. I believe that all things evil must be eliminated, and we were created to be capable of such a feat. Yet, I can't overcome this obstacle. No matter how powerful I become, Xrknn Kkntwr can always counter me.

I want the pain to end once and for all.


Evil is the bane of our world. Evil separates our people from the justice they deserve. Evil turns the bold into the weak. Evil corrupts our heroes. Evil purges the hopes and dreams of the fair Aw'twuoarr people. Evil is Xrknn Kkntwr.

Evil must be stopped. In the name of everything good, we, the Three Guardians, spend every moment of our lives struggling for a world without evil. I, The Governor, lead this noble cause. We use our godly powers to combat the forces of evil. Our potential is almost limitless, but we are just demigods of good, while our opponent is a true god of evil. We can only postpone what seems to be the inevitable destruction of all we care about, albeit indefinitely with the progress of our people.

Still, we can only wish for a day filled with good instead of evil.

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