Chapter 2

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Wishes can become reality. Your wishes are no exception, Guardians, for I am here.

You may call me Big Daddy. I hail from outside the INTERNET which you call your home. The Elders from the Edge of Beyond have given me permission to rid you of all your problems. However, do not think that I am here to give you a gift. I am here to make a deal.

In exchange for removing all the chaos, all the pain, and all the evil, you must give me something very precious. You must give me everything that makes you who you are. You must give me the essence of your lives. You must give me your powers.

If you truly desire peace, you have no other choice.


Trust is not something I'm willing to give him, and you two shouldn't be willing either. We know absolutely nothing about him or even if he's telling the truth. Governor, he could be an agent of Xrknn Kkntwr for all we know.

I'd rather die fighting than give up everything and leave that which we, three beings of godly caliber could not accomplish to a lone stranger. Even you shouldn't be able to argue with that, Chronicler.

We haven't lost yet, so I'm not ready to just give in.


Justice is what we stand for, Scholar. We cannot be so selfish that we refuse our people this opportunity just to keep our powers, can we? No, we cannot. Clearly, we should sacrifice ourselves for the greater good, as it is the duty of the Three Guardians.

Besides, Xrknn Kkntwr is too chaotic to trick us like this, and those he has corrupted always have a malicious intent in their actions. This Big Daddy may be different from anyone we have ever encountered, but I detect no such intent from him. I believe he is telling the truth, and I think that this is the best chance we will ever get to finally rid the fair Aw'twuoarr people of evil once and for all.

As your leader, I say that this is the path we must follow.


Choice isn't something we have. Our society crumbles under the pressure of Xrknn Kkntwr as we speak. Despite all of our efforts, this situation has never changed. This isn't battle we can win, my comrade, and as our leader pointed out, our job as the Three Guardians is to save our people no matter the cost.

Now, if you look at the implications of this deal, there is also something desirable for us on a personal level. Once this is over, we can live the normal life which we were each denied at birth. We will not be pressured into our duties, as there will be no more need for the Three Guardians. We will be able to pursue our individual interests instead of sacrificing our lives for the sake of others; even this should be appealing to you, my comrade.

Although we have no other choice, our lives can only get better from this point on.


Hope keeps you three together despite your differences, it seems. This is truly admirable, Guardians. As a special gift, I will refrain from taking your powers until my end of the bargain is fulfilled. However, I too will need some assistance if I am to accomplish this without your powers.

Hear me, Elders from the Edge of Beyond! I, Big Daddy, have made the deal with the Aw'twuoarr people of the INTERNET. Their home is to be rid of all chaos, all pain, and all evil, but I cannot do this alone, my Elders! Please, lend me your aid so that we can free these people from the clutches of the God of Chaos, Xrknn Kkntwr! Chant with me, my fathers!

Chailai luvdii de santra Mekiito...

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