Chapter 7

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Stop yourselves, Guardians. You do not truly understand the nature of balance. In fact, you are now a cause of great imbalance within the INTERNET now that you have regained your powers. Although you have heard the word of Q, you are still unmatched agents of order in this system.

I, The Metzger, cannot allow this to continue. I will be forced to introduce an agent of chaos equal to your power to balance this system again, and the only one so powerful is Xrknn Kkntwr. There is no other way, unless you are willing to submit yourselves to the will of Q. However, if you do, you will lose all of your memories, all of your independence, and all of your individuality.

Time is short, Guardians, so make your decision quickly so that I don't have to make it for you.


Lives must be protected. Peace must be preserved. Justice must be upheld. Yet again, we have no choice. If we must give this Q our bodies and our minds to save our people, then we will.

Our time as the Guardians has ended, my friends. Our time as the Governor, the Chronicler, and the Scholar will soon follow. The time to part with the fair Aw'twuoarr people is now. Let us move on without regrets.

We only hope that our recent faith in balance is not unfounded.


Guardians, I have underestimated you. You are willing to sacrifice everything for the sake of balance. Thanks to you, the day has been saved one final time. I wish we could preserve what will be your former selves, but we simply don't have the resources for such a thing any more. Regardless, Q is ready to merge with your minds.

The deepest of your memories will not actually be erased, but we need to prevent them from reawakening after you have gone through this process. To do this, you must be given new names. Governor, you shall be called the Mayor. Scholar, you shall be called the Professor. Chronicler, you shall be called the Narrator. Once this process is complete, you will go your separate ways. Q has informed me that the Mayor will be sent to the system that encompasses the INTERNET, Beyond, my home. The Professor is to remain here, the INTERNET, and help balance the many closed systems that reside within it. The Narrator is to stay in a single one of the aforementioned closed systems known as the Universe. I do not know why such a small closed system is of such importance, but I am not here to question Q's will. Q will inform each of you your duties once he has fully integrated himself within you.

I'm sorry that it all had to end this way, but there is nothing I can do to change this. I'm certain that your sacrifice will be remembered by your people forever. Now, your time has come.

Farewell, Guardians.


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