Chapter 6

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Everything has been made right once more. Thanks to you, our Governor, our Chronicler, and our Scholar, our home is now truly without tyranny! He had lost our hope in you, but in the end, you still fulfilled your duty as the Three Guardians. As the representative of our people, it is my responsibility to formally express my gratitude to the greatest heroes we have ever known.

Without your help, we would still be under the control of Big Daddy, or we would still face the great evil, Xrknn Kkntwr. However, nobody has to live in fear ever again. We are eternally within your debt, Guardians.

We are willing to do whatever it takes to please you if you just forgive us for our misplaced hope, great ones.


Listen to what you are saying! Can you not tell that this is exactly how you were put under Big Daddy's spell? We are not here to be your gods. We are here to protect your lives, your individuality, and your freedom. We all have equal rights, fair Aw'twuoarr people! You cannot expect us to make our home a utopia for you.

We know it is difficult to have to live in a world with evil, but although we try to protect you from it, it is an aspect of life that cannot just be removed. Without such diversity, we would never progress as a society. Without balance, we would be fighting a battle with nature we could not win.

The only way to achieve peace is for us to simply learn to live with and accept each other.

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