In my nightmares, the chaos of existence torments every fiber of my being.
The WORLD around me shatters, and I am helpless as everything I love and stand for fades into pure madness.
I can do nothing except sacrifice my own sanity in a futile effort to distract myself until the nightmare ends.

My mind refuses to accept this torture.
The monster of desire within me begins to consume my inhibitions.
Soon, the pain of this internal conflict overwhelms the rest of existence.

My consciousness collapses upon itself, and the WORLD vanishes.
My insanity governs the universe.
I become everything.

However... However...
Everything is a lie.
The only tru7h is that my nightmares are reality.
I can only dream while inside my nightmares to escape, but only for a moment.
My life is an infinite recursion of terror and suffering.
If only... If only...
I could wake up.

* * * * * * *

"It looks like you've been having a difficult time."


"We know that you have been through a lot, but ignoring us will get you nowhere."

"What do you want?"

"We have been closely following your past actions, and aside from your recent failure, your efforts have been a very favorable catalyst for our interests."

"Get to the point."

"We would like to offer you... A deal. We will allow you to go back if you are willing to do something for us."

What do you do?

* * * * * * *

Forever, we have only been able to peer into the minds of others, letting the story of their collective consciousness unfold as we act as helpless bystanders.

Now, the opportunity has arisen to direct the outcome of this narrative with our own decisions. This is a rare occasion, so we should take advantage of it before it is too late.

Remember, the future is now in our hands.

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