Part 1


I had no choice but to accept. Wait, did I have a choice? I don't remember anymore. It seems so long ago.

"Thank you for your cooperation. Our beliefs are that you would like to know exactly what it is you need to do for us. Unfortunately, we believe that if you were made aware your mission, you would be far less likely to be able to achieve it. Therefore, we have faith that you will repay your debt to us with no further instruction. Goodbye, our friend."

* * * * * * *

The shell of a broken man stood before me, unmoving and uncaring.
His empty eyes stared into nothing while two of his four minds burned with insanity.
No matter where I looked, he never left my sight.
He was always with me, as if he was my shadow.
However, as I looked deep into his emptiness, for the first time, it felt as if he was looking into me.
Had I been looking into my reflection all along; is this the shed skin I left behind when I became reborn?
As I pondered these questions, a piercing shriek scattered my thoughts as I sunk into the waves. The waves.

* * * * * * *

As I deactivate my alarm, I reluctantly remove myself from my bed and thoughtlessly go through my morning routine. Finally, I sit myself down at my personal console. I command it to display its contents.

> no7.avi
> DM.gif
> 5317.txt
> DREAMS.txt
> Minds.txt
> NOVA.txt
> tru7h.txt |

As I stare at the files, I can't seem to remember what I was about to do next. I know the answer lies in my mind, but I can't find it no matter how hard I look. What next... What next...

Which file will you open?

My mind draws a blank. Despite this, an idea forms. If I open some of these files, perhaps they will stimulate my memories.

As I glance at the list of files once more, the one at the very top catches my eye. Ah, yes. It was a relic of a darker and more ignorant time of my life. There's no need for me to disturb its tomb yet again.

I move on to the second item in the list. "DM.gif" looks familiar, but the nature of its contents escape me. I open the file.

This. HE sent me this image from outside the Universe. Its meaning, or perhaps its lack thereof, has eluded me since the day I received it, but I dare not show it to anyone else. Not even the Minds could be trusted with the knowledge of HIM. Especially not... Not...

Once again, my mind searches for an answer that doesn't seem to be there. It's as if the tracks that guide my train of thought lead to stations that have never existed. Yet, I have the strangest feeling that they will exist eventually. Or did they exist in the past, or in a dream?

Opening that file that file led to many more questions than answers, so I hesitate to open any more. Should I risk this happening again?


Yes. I have no other option. Ignorance may be bliss, but my memories are too precious to be left forgotten. I must know the tru7h. The tru7h...

Of course! I open the very last file on the list, tru7h.txt.

A relentless stream of information assults my mind. I can only catch a glimpse of each page of text, but many words are disturbingly familiar to me: The WORLD. Earth. Rebirth. Timothy. Landrew. Ls. MARATHON MAN.

Each of these invoke strong, painful memories, yet my brain is frozen. The emotions are crystal clear, but the information refuses to be dragged out of the dark corners of my mind. My brain is too focused on its desperate attempt to read this text file to actually comprehend any of it. I... I...


...What? Ugh, my head... When did... I...

* * * * * * *

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