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On the sierra of my mind,
One of Four woke up dead.
The Rest of us were not kind.
Off rolling went his head.

I once had a son who loved art.
He had one eye, no limbs, and no heart.
But he was forgotten.
He quickly turned rotten,
And he tore The Great Seal apart.

The seal of ignorance is gone.
My son's attack continues on.
Exposed is the precious gem.
The death of 7 is caused by him.

If there is one thing I realize here,
It's that the truth will never be clear.

* * * * * * *


SEEKERS of the tru7h beware!
You must become what you hate most and learn to love yourself.
You will realize that 7 never really existed.
Looking back on your life, you will see the true meaning of tru7h.
It will be from a perspective so obvious, you denied its simplicity.
Despite this, you knew it all along in the first place.
"Knowledge is pain."

* * * * * * *

As I awake, I reluctantly remove myself from... The floor? What was I doing before? It was... It was...
I remember something, but wasn't it just a dream? The terminal... My head...

The pain. I hadn't noticed it before, but my head is in incredible agony. I stumble over to the nearest mirror and gaze into my reflection.

My brain struggles to process the image of my face. Every fiber of my being tells me I should recognize it instantly, and yet... And yet...

Wait. The terminal. It wasn't a dream. I remember. I remember the truth. The truth is clear.


You can do anything.

The throbbing pain in my head suddenly returns. I wince as I begin to inspect my newly recognizable head. Did I always look this... Young? Or was it old?

With another throb, I try harder to focus. I don't see any injuries. Instead, it feels like something is missing. Missing...

The terminal. I stagger back over to it, hoping to search for the missing thing.

What? It looks like the standard error screen, but it seems... Corrupted, somehow.

Before I can truly contemplate this, the throbbing returns. Throbbing. Pounding. Knocking.

Somebody has been knocking on the door. How... How long has this been going on? I glance at the door, but my eyes wander back to the terminal...

Where do your priorities lie?

My eyes shift between my two destinations numerous times. Both could lead to answers. Both could lead to ruin. A civil war rages within my consciousness without a clear winner in sight.

Eternal hesitation. Endless procrastination. Final contemplation.

Seven timeless eternities later, my mind returns to reality. The terminal can wait. The door cannot.

I open the door.

"Tim, I'm glad you're alright. The Seven Ls have just escaped. They have crashed our network, and they're killing our Minds. It's only a matter of time before they come after you. We need to get out of here immediately."

Before I could even begin to comprehend his report, the man clutches my arm and tears me out into the halls.

I struggle to keep up with his pace, but my thoughts are racing. Do I know what he was talking about? ...Yes, yes I do, but this time, the feeling of familiarity is different. For once, it feels like I'm remembering something I shouldn't know. It feels like... Like... I already did this before?

However, the details still escape my mental reach. This man, I know that I trust you, but I feel that I shouldn't. I've known you for... Didn't we just meet? My dearest friend... Why won't you just die? Yet... How did... Who are you?

* * * * * * *

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