Insanity reaching critical levels.

"You think MARATHON MAN will crack under this pressure? HA!"

Error: Sanity drive can not be found.

"Who needs them any way? As long as I have my awesomeness, I will rule!"

404: You suck

"Blast! Foiled again!"

It is now safe to turn off your brain.

"Finally! They will not forget the day that I ruled this sector of the galaxy! Nobody can stop me now!"

...And so, TRS lost his mind, and in doing so, became sane again.

TRS sits staring at a blinking terminal.


"No... No... NO! Everything is going wrong! Nothing is right! Everything... Gone...

My plans of gaining my sanity are ruined! My mind has been lost, and I can't remember anything..."

"...Who am I? I can't seem to remember. What is wrong with me? I knew who I was, but... Nothing seems right.
Maybe you can help me. Who are you?"

"I am your memories."

"Can you help me? Will you come back to me?"


"What? No! Don't go! Please don't leave me! I need you... Please..."

"You still have me."

"Yes, I have you, but you aren't enough. My memories are lost, and I can't get them back. I remember nothing of my past."

"You don't need the past. You don't even need the future. All you need is me."

"...Who are you?"

"An old friend."

TRS was once again united with his sanity. His mind may be gone forever, but he has been cleansed.
He is now... Perfect.

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