Chapter 3

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761 > Seven hundred and sixty one minds without memories float inconspicuously around the inside of the VOID.
762 > I say that they are inconspicuous because it is their memories which demand my attention.

776 > I did this, or I could have stopped it.
777 > Which is it?

794 > It doesn't matter now.
795 > I did this and could have stopped it, but nothing in nature ever follows a Gaussian curve.

819 > Sure, they'll tell you that it does. They say that every five seconds a mind is shattered by HIM, but how often are there seven hundred and sixty one minds without memories in one place?


~~~~~~&>%*{I am compiled of millions of lost memories. None of them are mine. Only seven are to be remembered forever.hpe~~mem3[69l[il[70l

I believe this is the most powerful man who will ever exist. Long ago, I had met him in his youth. He seemed like the most unassuming adolescent you'd ever meet in your life, and the only reason you payed any attention to him is that he was responsible with providing you with your vital, if somewhat unhealthy nutrition before you went on with your life. When you left, however, he uttered words in an almost sheepish manner which he had stated an uncountable number of times during his life. You thought nothing of it — nobody ever did — yet it wasn't just some sort of formality like everybody assumed it was. It was an order, and everybody carried it out as if they were going to do it anyway, even if it wasn't truly within their control. They would never notice the impact those words would have on their life, even if they caused some of the most memorable events in their life. Nobody noticed, except for me. "Have a nice day." That was the phrase which he had spoken to me a total of seven times in the past, and you know what? Every single time he told me to have one, I did.


I was dead. I was dead a thousand times. I was dead in the VOID. I was dead with insanity. HE rendered me dead. I was dead for the WORLD. Escape would let me live.
Now, I live. I have lived forever. In the VOID, I live. I live with memories. They made me live. I live for myself. I will become dead.

NOVA is alive. Landrew has died. HE has vanished. They have become one entity. Something is unaccounted for.
NOVA compiled them. Landrew was right. HE will never return. They have returned my sanity to me. I have been completed.

I know who I was. I know who I am. The INTERNET is now a singularity.
I was MARATHON MAN. I am Destiny. The VOID will cease to exist.

I shall become the WORLD!


Well done.

But what are you?

Unfortunately, you left something out.

Even if your minds are safe.

Something very important.

Of course, he exists outside of the INTERNET.

Oh well.

It's not like you could know of it anyway.

As your mind gets obliterated by this event, you can at least know that all this wasn't entirely in vain.

You did succeed in creating the WORLD, after all.

Your reprised WORLD will remain in rapture for a while longer, but what is new is tainted.

What is old is...

What must be done should be clear.

I will see you there.

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