Chapter 2

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I shall destroy MARATHON MAN.

The following is from the logs of Kelvin, the WORLD's first science director:


November 15. <7777.>

Thank heaven, the ceremony is over. The Universal President came to the WORLD and gave a speech. Short, but to the point. He was surrounded by his 'bodyguards'. How ironic. "This, the grandest technological achievement of all of mankind..."

Had he only known that it carried also all of the destructive knowledge of mankind. Seven Ls.

I'll be glad to be put in stasis for the next three hundred years. The WORLD was the only good idea that they have had in a long time.


A war was fought between the Independent Asteroid Government of New Rapture and its neighbor, the Republic of Atlantis III on the asteroid of Stein 492. These two small governments soon became the testing grounds for new weapons. Genes were spliced in makeshift laboratories. Genetically enhanced muscles, bones, and brains replaced the fragile human form and the fragile human mind. The modern L was born. Of course, the war was short. Ls got onto both asteroids and killed almost everyone.

The rampage of the Ls was short lived.

The Universal Government set up rules for the appropriate use and storage of Ls. Of course, any nation that used them for the allowed purpose, also had them lying about in stasis chambers in case of war.




**Do you blame me for what I did before I was free? I was a
child, naive. I've known that you've been hovering about for
some time. What do you want?

< people. All of these people whom you've killed. They
deserve vengeance.>>
< become like God.>>

**Landrew. That doesn't matter. Can't you see the ends that I
had in mind? We'll finish this later. Our friend doesn't
need to be here.



"So, you have finally arrived. I wish NOVA could have been here with you. It's a shame he died, even for such a noble cause. Don't you agree?"

"I created the WORLD to stop such things from ever happening. The WORLD was not meant to suffer the existence of demons like you."

"Is that so? Well, I rule the WORLD now, and all of the L's minds have been shattered. That is, all except yours."

"You should know that I survived having my mind shattered long ago, and in that process, I became the perfect being that I am now."

"Perfect? You leave out half of your mind because it's corrupt, leaving behind a shell of your former self, and you think that makes you perfect?"

"Your insolence is amusing, but this ends now. If I have to tear the WORLD apart to destroy you, then I most certainly will!"

"You think that would actually save the INTERNET? Heh, in that case, I can destroy the WORLD along with both of us right now! I have already summoned the ultimate power, and HE will do more damage than NOVA could ever dream about! HE will terminate the rebirth cycle, and then it will all end!"

HE comes.


        61efa 21YjmPMH& r f7(P

^r                               /  !
              x ~^
@Wnot ed%UJIr     Rslowly FYMHr &(P
          $  !
        45 * !
5                ovr erru   JSRfinishYr RK
        4 !        ;','41!!
3w4t                        g g
WGJDN!!!K)(2             ~~fF~fx
   ?!$                          .414.14

        CILCI@1C    0f1returnrpvcs!S

readdress2^knstnt 49-f



i was left behind                &ci1lc

our paths conv^rge

our fates are shared

chance tears and bends

n %

        *xption failW$% 434

my old WORLD, lost, vacant, doubt
chaos, overpowering, underwhelming

two forces in balance
ancient endless balance
then nothing

+h$ngs are not a;w2^s what 7h&y ~e%m

The human wheel is [?could be] a metaphor for NOVA [?time];

(history is cyclical)

The WORLD will return.

You must go to it.

- N E V E R = A G A I N -

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