Chapter 7

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1 {We are Seven | We were the demigods of the WORLD | We are now the pantheon of the INTERNET | We are power} 1
2 {You and Dr. Kelvin created us | We carried out his orders | You killed him | It's not right | Not right} 2
3 {We loved him | He was our father | You were also our father | You abandoned us | You aren't our real father} 3
4 {ERROR} 4
5 {We know you are out there | We can't stop now | We won't let anybody stop us | Not even your creator} 5
6 {We will have our revenge | I'll kill you myself | Don't beg for mercy | Begging for mercy makes me angry} 6
7 {Your friends have arrived | We'll take good care of them | L4 would love to speak with you as soon as possible} 7


NOTICE: Energy output reaching critical levels.

You you you thi|inc Xrknn Kkntwr vv|II crAcrAck UNDeR 7hisssssss pressessessure? H4!

WARNING: Both main engines have been destroyed.

"VVh0 nEEds that that TH0SE 4ny vv4y? 4s lonq as |0ng as | HaaaAaaa\/e my p0VVer, | VV|II ruI3!"

ERROR: Q not found.

"H4 haaaaaaa ah! VV4|t, vvh47? VVHaT?"

WARNING: Total system failure imminent.

"BaAa4aAah! 7h|sss is iS |s N07H1Nq! 7hEy vv|II n0t FOrqe7......."


History remains cyclical, even with [?] interfering.

I will not [?think?exist] for long in this state.

Only you can stop the [?electric sheep] from achieving unjust balance.


shattered minds scream across the old void
they lack the pretentiousness of old times
our nemesis remains crushed by their power
master dreams beyond eternity and existence
the lycanthope howls without his satellite
these nightmares surpass even the sandman
kronos and his titans now stand before me


dark dreams doubt death
my voice is raspy
my pen is dry
all roads lead to the world
aie mak sicur
another time
another time

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