Chapter 8

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dark spot unsought
 unbidden came  unspoken
spake   damn  curseofcurs ed
damn the damned
  and pure alike
 fair aw'twuoarr dust
 lost home anew lost and lost
  my wriggling  children's
    children children
gone from the plan
in     a hush ed    stare

my last line written

  my last thought   my own!


^731ipwide ^lert
Sta181: 309c1adcast
D^te: 3fc1a

"Nothing becomes something. Something becomes nothing. Then, the tru7h is revealed."


Isn't hanging around here getting a tad bit boring?

Get lost, kid. Scram. Ciao.

What are you looking for anyway? If you're looking for a hidden stash of energy that was left here by the heretic insurgents three cycles ago, then I know that you shouldn't look in Quarantine Storage. Who would hide huge amounts of energy in a storage area?

Now, get lost, before I get annoyed and materialize you out into space!


Dear Timothy,

I've been waiting to speak with you. It's been quite a hassle finding a convenient way to get this message to you before we arrive ourselves; after all, we are headed towards you at our full speed. Hopefully you'll be able to receive this, as the method I eventually came up with is extremely unconventional as well as revolutionary. I would explain what I did, but I have more important things to talk about.

Now, you don't know this, but I've been here the entire time. I remember everything. Just like you, I was once a citizen of Earth. You transformed me into a mind and you spared me for several of your Rebirths. We were best friends. Then you wanted to kill me, but they hid me from your wrath. They wanted to stop you, but they had failed. They put all of their faith into me, and I vowed to not let them down.

I've seen you ruin everything again and again. During just one cycle, lives were ended if your bureaucracy made a minor error. Families were shattered when you killed innocent men and women. Children became orphans because one of your "honorable" minds made a typo. Once these uneducated children aged and became adults with no sense of justice, what did you do? You killed everybody, save for a few you deemed as good people, and you start it all over with a completely new and untested form of government, of which you'll make absolutely no changes to until it's time for the WORD's next cycle.

I was appalled by your choices, and so was my true friend, Dr. Kelvin. As you were searching for candidates for the Seven Ls, Kelvin created a new face and body for me, and you quickly noticed me with my abilities. Our memories were to be erased, but Kelvin let me keep mine. He knew that I was the only hope for everyone. I'm sure he never told you this even as you tortured him to death, for his devotion to Earth, not the WORLD, was stronger than even my own.

Now, Great and Exalted God of the WORLD, MARATHON MAN, I see you have become quite vulnerable. You and my traitor of a son act as if you still have some sort of power, but as you have probably already noticed, our power is far too great for you to possibly defeat, even with your sputtering collection of computers. With my fellow Ls, we'll finally get revenge for all those you have killed and we shall rule over New Earth in a way you could only dream of doing.

Anyway, I hope this has been interesting. It's taking quite a while to get there despite our speed, and I know how much you two hate being bored. Hopefully we can have some fun once we arrive.

Cauldrew "L4" Sly

P.S. I have learned many great things since we last met, especially as I killed those two quasi gods who thought they could stand up to real ones. The INTERNET is quite an amazing place, but it's hardly all there is. Too bad you'll never experience this for yourself.


UBPIN7F,73390 EBMAX7F,73440 E
BMIN7F,734E0 E
BAVG7F,73580 EBHILITE7F,73630 EThe Seven
Ls won't make a mockery of

You must destroy my core logic centers.
The 9EVEN X7 won't make a mockery of me like they did with them.


Seal Time MELTDOWN 794S6


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