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"I am Number One. I am the driving force in your life. I am hatred. I drive you on and consume you."


"I am Number One. I care for no one."

That's not true! I love the minds!

"No you don't. You love yourself. Just looking out for Number One."

No! Not you!

"I am Number One: The Original. Do you think this is a game? Do you?"

But how? You're me!

"But you hate me. You must! Look at what you've become!"

You're wrong! I had to become bigger, tougher... I had to be ready for Cauldrew — to survive the games!

"Did you like the games more than the WORLD? More than the minds?"

No! No I didn't. I was trapped in the games.

"Games, games, games... It was only a game. You killed my family!"

My family!

"You've forgotten your family! You let yourself become a prisoner of the games. What would Landrew think of you now?"


"There can be only one. Be seeing you."


It's your fault.

You let everyone down. You let them do this to us. You were not good enough. You failed. You should be ashamed of yourself. You aren't capable of doing anything right. You are worthless. You broke down at the most vital moment. You can't even save yourself. You deserve this. You should have never come back. You shattered your promise. You wasted every opportunity that arose. You spat in the faces of those who trusted you. You murdered your people. You destroyed all of our hope. You lied to your friends. You betrayed your comrades.
You ruined EVERYTHING!

It's your fault.
It's your fault.
It's your fault.
It's your fault!
It's your fault!
It's your fault!


"No... No... NO! Everything is going wrong! Nothing is right! Everything... Gone... My plans of gaining my sanity are ruined! My mind has been lost, and I can't remember anything."


"Who am I? I can't seem to remember. What is wrong with me? I knew who I was, but... Nothing seems right."


"Maybe you can help me. Who are you?"

I am your memories.

"Can you help me? Will you come back to me?"


"What? No! Don't go! Please don't leave me! I need you! Please..."


"This isn't right. Something is different. Did I experience this before? Or was it..."


"No. This is somebody else's experience. Somebody else's memory. Still, this is wrong. This has been... Corrupted. But how? What did this to us? I was rendered a shell of my former self, and then... And then..."



Everything new is old again.

It is all over.

They went beyond infinity to save us.

The Universe has become benign.

An eternity of suffering awaited them.

It will never pose a threat to us again.

They did not hesitate.

There is no further need to regulate it with one of our Aw'twuoarr slaves.

The WORLD collapsed in an instant.

We had such high hopes for this experiment, but there are more pressing matters at hand.

We are all that is left.

We had some fun, but that will last no longer.

The future is in our hands.

End transmission.


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