Chapter 9

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/We're running out of time, Tim. NOVA could shut down at any minute, and then we'll/

\I know what will happen; you've been reminding me over and over for the last\

/Then why don't you get on with it? You're the only one who can do it!/

\Landrew, I've spent my entire life avoiding death at all costs. Even after my death, I've managed to live on. I can't just let it end like this.\

/Damn it, T, if you don't, all that time you spent running away will be for naught! These demons will create something far worse than the VOID, and this is the only way we can stop them!/

\Alright. I have sacrificed myself for the sake of the WORLD once, and so have you. Now, we do it together.\

/Timmy, with this, the WORLD will cease to exist. We do this solely for the sake of Earth!/


You two make me sick.

Just after I had listed off just some of the undeniable crimes against humanity which you two have committed, you two have the gall to call us the demons in this matter while so naively acting like a pair of big damn heroes by stealing the same phrases I had just sent you. If that isn't enough, you two seem convinced that you'll actually be able to stop us when we're tearing through your precious NOVA this very second. At any moment, NOVA will stop functioning, and you two will vanish.

You'll never defeat me; you know that I'm right. You're a servant and a pawn, and you're living a lie.

With hate,
Cauldrew "L4" Sly


NOVA plummets(yawning) towards the sun's core(heart), and the fiery prison of the Seven Ls(doubt) where


OK > Seal Time MELTDOWN Flame

I never Lambda knew what Qoppa time was before I Chi saw:

      The             data              is            Chuck         is         IS    is
   What       is            is       cyclical     means        Earth         BEHOLD     
         escape     God               is          I        am             ERROR      Bob
 NO        what                have     you             Admiral      Barstow    Cauldrew
    is                is        Durandal        destroy        is       MELTING   return
  I          is       is        WILL               is              &ci1lc    Landrew
       Amber            tomorrow       who      master     Beelzebub       old    BRAZIL

We are whole again.
The long sleep ends.
Aye mak sicur.


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