Chapter 3

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Peace has finally returned to our land. The dark cloud that has hung over us for so long has now vanished. My eyes open wide as the stars fill the skies once again. My people have truly been blessed. The corrupted have seen the light. The children can laugh and play. The elderly can rest. Nobody has to live in fear ever again.

Who can we thank for this? The Three Guardians were not capable of such a feat, despite their godly powers. As the representative of my people, it is my responsibility to formally express my gratitude to the greatest hero we have ever known. Without your help, we may have never felt the sunshine ever again. We are willing to do whatever it takes to please you if you just reveal yourself to us, great one.

Who are you, my savior?


Behold, people of the INTERNET, for I, Big Daddy, am your savior! This is the greatest day in all of our lives, for I have disposed of all that which caused suffering to everyone you know and love! Xrknn Kkntwr's reign of terror has finally ended!

Now, my people, all I ask of you is that you live in peace, and that you remember that it was not the Three Guardians who changed your lives. Fair Aw'twuoarrs, I ask you to live for me, your savior! Live for me in pursuit of your harmony!

I have freed you, and now, I will watch over you as your new father!


Life has never been so relaxing. The fighting is over, we have won, and we have retired. We will never have to be the Three Guardians for another day of our lives.

The people also seem to be happy. They enjoy following the teachings of Big Daddy, and they have built great monuments in his honor. It seems as if they have forgotten their old heroes, but as long as they are content, we will be as well. Besides, our newfound lives are far more meaningful to ourselves compared to our previous lives of extreme selflessness.

At last, we can rest.

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