Chapter 4

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Freedom is not worth the price you and your people have paid, Guardians. In truth, you haven't even truly achieved the freedom which everyone has sacrificed everything for. You have been blinded by the light. You have given up all of your hopes, dreams, and even your individuality for the sake of this false freedom, and the others are no exception.

Please excuse me. I am The Metzger. Like the one you know as Big Daddy, I come from outside the INTERNET. I am part of an order that protects balance within all that exists, and the balance of the INTERNET has clearly been wrecked. To bring balance back to your society, you must take on the duties of the Three Guardians once again. The evil you swore to defeat has taken over under the guise of freedom, and you three are the only ones capable of seeing through this lie.

The time for you, The Governor, The Chronicler, and The Scholar, to fight for your people has risen once more, and you must heed this call!


How are we supposed to fight? We gave our powers to Big Daddy as part of the exchange, so we are as helpless as the rest of our people. Big Daddy won't reverse this without a good reason, and I don't think we...

Wait a moment. If you're right, then he broke the deal. We were to give him the abilities of the Three Guardians, and we did our part. He was to rid our world of evil, and he has failed his part. Not not even Big Daddy can argue with these facts, so all we have to do is show him what he has done to us. We can then dissolve his cult and regain our powers!

Once again, we, the Three Guardians, shall fight for peace!

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