Chapter 5

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Change is what you wanted, Big Daddy. You wanted to change everything for the better by removing everything which made us unhappy. You changed our people to fit your ideals, but they've become your slaves. We sold our lives to you so you could rid our world of evil, but you lied to us and became the very evil which you were supposed to destroy!

Big Daddy, we have seen the truth! You cannot have bad without good. Balance is the key, and your extremist views have no place within the domain of the Three Guardians!

You are going down.


Intimidation won't work on me, former Guardians. I see that your loss has overcome you, but you shouldn't underestimate me. Although I am far from mastering the use of your powers, I have certainly learned a few tricks.

Now, I cannot let you three just get away with threatening the savior of your people, and your attitudes are unsuitable for my society. Using your powers, I will cast my judgment upon you. Perhaps you will then see the light once more.

Chailai luvdii de santra Mekiito...


Balance is all we wish for, Big Daddy. We do not desire the return of our powers. We want to see our people live their own lives instead of forcing them to live for order. What you are doing is simply not right!

Can you not see that balance is the nature of existence? There is no dark without the light. There is no weak without the strong. There is no silence without noise. There is no purity without corruption. There is no pleasure without pain. There is no order without chaos. There is no good without the evil!

How can you expect us to live when everything worth living for has been rendered meaningless?


What have I done? The Elders were wrong. I've lived my whole life for the sake of order, but it was all just a lie. I am sorry, Guardians. As one final gift, I shall give back your powers. Do with them as you please. Now, I must go.

As I descend to Beyond, and I view the INTERNET above me, I realize that that live evolves, revolves, and dissolves completely around the opposites. Therefore, I conclude that I cannot exist in my utopian mind.

OBLIVION is all that awaits me now.

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